Equine-assisted therapy
What is Equine-assisted therapy (EAT)?
Equine-assisted therapy is a range of activities involving horses tailored for individuals with physical, mental, cognitive, behavioural or social problems.
The horse’s natural gait and movement transmits stimuli and evokes an emotional bond with the rider. In a natural, simple manner, this helps foster motor skills and autonomy.   
EAT covers three areas that can also make up the development phases in the individual’s rehabilitation:
  • Hippotherapy: the horse’s movements are used exclusively to encourage improved posture and motor skills.
  • Therapeutic horseback riding: focused on equestrian skill development in addition to achieving rehabilitative and educational goals.
  • Equestrian sports for people with disabilities: the transition from a therapeutic and rehabilitative horse riding to recreational participation in equestrian sports.

Horses are ideal for assisting in the rehabilitative treatment of individuals with neuromotor, intellectual, mental and behavioural disabilities due to the animals’ unique physical characteristics, balanced movements, and patient and generous temperaments. Equine-assisted therapy should be viewed as a physical and psychological treatment that allows individuals to acquire new skills to become more autonomous.

The following prerequisites are necessary to participate in the equine-assisted therapy programme:
  • Medical certificate declaring that the person is in good health and physical condition
  • Updated tetanus vaccination
  • Interview with the centre’s doctor
The riding club wants to help achieve socially beneficial experimental and promotional projects in collaboration with both public and private entities, such as associations, cooperatives, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, social services, ASLs (local health care centres), local authorities and schools.

Annual membership                                €100.00
FISE AR license (annual)                          €37.00
Single lesson                                             €30.00
Four lessons a month                              €100.00
Eight lessons a month                             €180.00

A medical certificate declaring that the person is in good health and physical condition and a tetanus vaccination are required.
For more information, contact FRANCESCA GIACOMONI at 3341545975