The highly qualified Tir na nog instructors have as their main objectives: to transmit their passion for the horse; train students who, regardless of age and competitive practice or not, grow up acquiring the foundations of horse riding; create a united, welcoming and engaging group; teach the rules and respect with harmony. Starting from the main and unchanged objective, which is to teach riding as well as how to know and properly manage the horse, the instructors realize, taking into account the individual differences, a "personalization" of the learning paths with the aim of pursuing more or less equivalent results, despite applying different strategies and facing different starting conditions.
On the one hand, the final goal I instinctively seek is to see perceived in my students the infinite, boundless joy that a horse can give when they gains the animal confidence and they manage to positively influence its mental and physical condition. Riding on horseback always means transmitting sensations to the animal that records them in its memory with a precise meaning. When a student realizes that the pony / horse responds to his actions in a continuous and lively relationship of giving and receiving, he will savor the incredible fascination of being a binomial and will hardly stop riding. On the other hand, I try to keep in mind that in my hands I have a far more important task than to be an "educator": teaching means forming, building not only an athlete who will have to confront and affirm in a competition field , but an individual who will have to face the different situations that life will present to him. Instructing is a fascinating job: the enormous sacrifices, responsibilities, effort and tension are totally repaid by the luminous and joyful eyes of our kids joining the club and by seeing them growing, maturing, changing also thanks to our contribution. Instructing, where it means transmitting with love and passion, embodies a universe of giving and receiving that has no equal: I look at myself and realize how different today is from yesterday, how much my students and my horses manage to change me, to mold me, to soften me, managing to make me grow in a rapid and continuous evolution. "Elisabetta Barberi.

Elisabetta Barberi:  3rd level FISE Instructor, holding 2nd degree licence.