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Tir na nog is a Celtic legend that was the inspiration for the touching film Into the West about two boys and their horse.
Tir na nog in Celtic means “The Land of Eternal Youth”. This is the youthful enthusiasm of those who seek to realize their dreams, have unquenchable curiosity, reach a goal and then immediately pursue another, and tenaciously seek perfection, even though it’s a perpetually unreachable goal.

Thanks to this spirit, a dream was realized: In 2006, TIR NA NOG opened.
After endless setbacks, financial and physical sacrifices and difficult life choices, Elisabetta and Ruggero inaugurated their riding club. The dream began with a simple patch of land on which they constructed, one building at a time, Tir Na Nog. The result is a place where nature is respected, horses are loved and equestrian sports are a fervent passion. As Elisabetta Barberi says, Tir Na Nog is also distinguished by “many people with young hearts and the same burning desire, who look out for each other and are ready to help out an instructor staggering under the weight of financial and physical difficulties but who refuses to give up this passion and youthful enthusiasm!” The riding club’s long awaited affiliation arrived in September 2006.
TIR NA NOG is actually an estate spread over approximately 26 ha and boasting an enviable position. The Pratomagno mountain range (highest peak 1,560 m) and the forests that blanket its hills and valleys roll out before you. The spectacular panorama explodes in different colours depending on the season.
In addition to the riding club, this estate is also home to a family-run farmstay where you can relax in Tuscany’s beautiful countryside. Enjoy the lush, natural surroundings without sacrificing any of today’s creature comforts.
Take a walk or hop on a bike or horse for a jaunt along the estate’s picturesque paths that wind up and down the hills. The trails border the crop fields, indoor and outdoor riding rings (both with jumps) and the stables and meander through the thick forest of oak trees until arriving at the banks of a small lake.
You’ll hear only the sounds of silence except for the occasional chiming of church bells, birds’ wings flapping, horses’ neighing and children laughing and joking during riding lessons.
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